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Display Facebook comments on your diary and let Facebook users inquire into your diary while not sign language up for Blogger or alternative services.
This tutorial assumes that you just have a Facebook account and a Blogger account with a diary.

1. initial you would like to make a Facebook App for your diary.
2. within the high right of your screen click on the "+ produce New App" button as shown within the screen shot below:
3. you'll be bestowed with the screen below during which you would like to choose:
A name for your app which may be something you like; I actually have chosen "JT diary Comments"
A namespace for your app this may be something you wish in addition however it should be altogether graphic symbol letters with none areas. I actually have chosen "jensontaylor". don't fret concerning what these attributes do, however simply recognize that they're necessary for any Facebook App.
Do NOT tick the net hosting possibility. this is often not necessary for our comment application.
Once you have got entered all the main points click "Continue"
4. you'll then be asked to pass the "captcha" check. i.e. kind within the letters within the image so as for Facebook to verify that you just square measure a person's and not a spamming malicious program. Enter the proper letters or numbers the clicking "Submit".
4.a) If you have got not setup your Facebook account with a transportable range you'll see the message below. If you do not see the message below skip to step five (that means that you have got already setup your account with a mobile telephone). For those of you - like myself - United Nations agency bump into this message, click on the link within the red box that says "mobile phone".
4.b) you'll then see the screen below;
Select your country
Enter your transportable range
Then click the "Confirm" button
4.c) you'll be taken to the page below and at an equivalent time receive a text message(SMS) on your transportable. Enter the code from the SMS you received on your transportable within the box and click on "Confirm"
4.d) you'll then see successful message as shown below stating that your account has been verified. shut this page and return to wherever you left off after you came upon the popup at step (4.a).
4.e) Follow directions in step three once more.

4.f) Follow solely the primary a part of step four that is barely getting into the inclined text displayed within the image. Then jump to step five.
5. you'll see the page displayed below;
Make a note of your App ID or copy it
Where is says "App Domain" enter "". (If you host your diary on your own name then enter your name here)
In the "Website" section wherever it says "Site URL" enter the address of your diary e.g. ""
Click "Save Changes"
6. when saving the changes to your Facebook app, you'll see a confirmation message during a yellow box at the highest of the webpage.
Now your Facebook App is prepared. simply create a replica of the App ID as you'll would like this range once group action the Facebook comment application into your diary.
7. modification the code below by exchange FACEBOOK-APP-ID along with your Facebook App ID range that  you traced at step five.
head to your diary dashboard on; choose "Template" then click on "Edit HTML" as highlighted within the screenshot below:
9. you'll receive a popup with a couple of choices. Click on the "Proceed" button as shown below:
10. you'll then see the code in your model. attempt to find the  tag as shown within the screen below:
11. slightly below the  tag paste your changed code from step seven. Here is however my code gave the look of when this change:
12. Click "Save Template"
13. currently you would like to feature some a lot of code to your model (this is that the actual code for the Facebook comment section below your diary posts). head to you diaryger dashboard for your blog then choose "Template" > "Edit markup language" > "Proceed" to look at your HTML code (i.e. follow steps eight and 9)
Update 21/04/2013: Since eleventh of Gregorian calendar month 2013 step fourteen is not any longer necessary. This check-box has been removed associated instead every appliance may be distended exploitation an arrow to the left of it. conjointly there's a drop menu at the highest of the editor that permits you to pick the appliance that you just wish to scroll to in one click.
14. Tick the "Expand appliance Templates" checkbox as shown below:
15. realize the code below in your model code exploitation Ctrl-F cutoff and paste the code into the search box.  Warning: don't attempt to kind the text below as your application program might freeze.
If you were able to realize the tag that you just explore for jump to step sixteen.
Optional: {to modification|to vary|to alter} the dimension of your comment box up the code higher than change width="450"to no matter you see appropriate for your diary.
Optional: {to modification|to vary|to alter} the colour theme of your comment box you'll be able to change the word "light" to "dark" for the attribute colorscheme='light' which provides you the 2 coloring schemes out there for Facebook comment boxes.
17. You currently got to add the Facebook Namespace declaration in your code. If you go the highest of your code you'll see a tag as
Here may be a screen shot of the code when the change:
Note: The namespace accessorial within the code higher than is employed for all Facebook widgets and apps. therefore you merely got to add this into your code once, in spite of what number completely different FBML widgets you employ.
18. Click "Save Template"
19. Click "Close"
20. Enjoy!

Moderating comments, Administration choices and work

If you click the "Settings" link on the higher than page you'll be bestowed with a couple of choices that square measure self informative like adding Moderators for your diary or permitting users with completely different logins to go away comments(e.g. Yahoo or Hotmail logins). Here may be a screenshot of the settings page:

Removing Blogger Comments

Although i'd not suggest to anyone that they take away blogger's default commenting feature, if you select to try and do therefore you'll be able to simply hide or show it from your blogs dashboard by about to
1.            Settings
2.            Posts and comments
3.            Comment Location then choose "Hide"
4.make certain to click "Save Settings"
If the screenshots square measure too tiny to browse, you'll be able to click on them to enlarge them.
If you run into any issues, let Pine Tree State recognize within the Facebook comments' section ;)
Adding a Facebook Comment Section For Stand Alone Pages on Blogger
If you have got a stand alone page like then the higher than procedure for adding facebook comments won't work because the higher than approach solely applies for diary posts and not "pages". therefore so as to get the facebook comment section on stand alone pages you would like to follow the steps below additionally to the higher than steps. (Note that the steps below got to be perennial for each single page whereas the higher than guide that solely includes diary posts can cowl all of your diary posts. Note 2; diary posts and diary pages square measure 2 completely different things)
1. head to your page then choose "Edit" as shown within the screen shot below:
2. Once you bear to the edit page, check up on the uniform resource locator within the address bar at the highest of your browser. you'll see associate address kind of like this:
3. create a note of the last range from the uniform resource locator address. (This are distinctive to your own page therefore do not copy the quantity I actually have shown here.) In my example the quantity is 1979633926023450196.
4. Click on the "HTML" tab as shown on the screen shot below:
5. currently you'll see the markup language code behind your page. head to the lowest of this code and "Cope & Paste" the subsequent text:
6. The higher than code is associate example used for one my diary pages therefore you have got to alter three elements that square measure highlighted (in red) within the higher than code to fit your own diary page.
7. when you have got entered the code in your page it ought to appear as if the below screen shot therefore simply press update and your page ought to be prepared for facebook comments.
If the screenshots square measure too tiny to browse, you'll be able to click on them to enlarge them.
If you run into any issues, let Pine Tree State recognize within the Facebook comments' section.


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